US$50 billion: Biggest ICO in the World

proposed hard asset storage facility

Offshore Gold Bullion Storage and New Gold Mines Growth and Crypto Web 3.0 Communnications Growth Services

First Universal Blockchain Services Trust.    Series A ICO

1,000 Ounces of Fine Gold in a secure vault, future gold from new mines, and better secure email-IM Services Cryptocurrency Token

Starting Value;  US$2,000,000 / Gold-Assets -Token

This offering is only for wealthy sophisticated investors, who want better liquid wealth asset security than existing fiat paper options.


A moonshot to preserve and grow your crypto wealth and your freedoms and help the entire human race.



1. Gold is, (NWO artificially price suppressed) very cheap right now so get while the getting is good, thus time is of the essence

2. Due to insane, (free for their insiders only) decade-log ORGY of fiat money creation by unelected private worldwide central bank cabals, many major fiat currencies are increasingly ripe for "Cyprus-style" haircuts, thus; time is of the essence. 

3. Cryptocurrencies have had a great run, and diversification could be a very good strategy. 

4. The first 100 token buyers will be invited, (if they wish) to join our inner circle of Universal Wealth advisers and help shape our policies, thus; time is of the essence.

5. The first 100, Founder Bitcoin miners Universal token-holders could reap massive financial rewards from mining-hashing for our planned super-encrypted communications data and transfer services thus; time is of the essence.



We are offering Independent, Secure, (Non shadow government controlled) aggressive multi-generational, offshore hard asset protection and global rea-assets and crypto assets growth systems.


Wealthy people everywhere are crying out for safer asset protection instruments than the current offerings of, (increasingly freely created out of thin air by privately-owned "central banks")  fiat currencies. 

Also many wealthy cryptocurrency holders are also wisely seeking to swap (what is really just a digital file) for more durable physical hard currency asset cold storage instruments.

First Universal will provide a wonderful modern hi-tech, blockchain-enabled, physical hard asset storage and protection solution that promises to deliver better peace-of-mind wealth protection solutions and future careful wealth expansion via new metals mines production.


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